Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 One of my favorite cartoons when I was growing up as a kid. Sometimes Disney re-airs Recess, but it might be available on youtube.
 The characters and the whole story was very thought out in my opinion. Each episode had an actual plot compared to today's cartoons.
 To a certain degree the show did capture what it was like being in elementary school.
 I liked how the kindergarteners were seen as wild and mysterious.

 Gus wasn't my favorite character but I did like some of his episodes.
 I really liked swinger girl. I always wondered  if I could swing all the way over when I was swinging on the playground.
 I always admired the diggers mainly because I once wanted to dig a tunnel to Hell when I was in Kindergarten.
 I also liked the fact that the show had a nick name for everyone like the diggers and swinger girl. By time you're in 5th or 6th everyone is kind of  known for something. It kind of defines their personality or character for the rest of the school year.
 I loved when Mikey sang in the bathroom.
 In one episode Miss Finster has to cook food for Spinelli while she is over at her house and I always thought that food looked kind of good.

 I loved the Ashley's lair.

 I really liked Butch especially when he would tell the gang about different urban legends at the school.

 This Halloween episode was one of my favorite episodes.
 I always wanted a job like Menlo when I was in school.
Miss Grotke had really cool jewelry.
Sources: imdb.com